1. Safety masks must be worn at all times.

2. Referee's decisions are final.

3. Barrel socks must be on your marker at all times, until asked to be removed by referee.

4. No shooting in the parking lot, registration, or staging areas.

5. No intentional shooting at the head or neck.

6. Do not shoot the power lines.

7. Do not shoot the wildlife.

8. No climbing on trees or other structures.

9. No physical contact.

10. Avoid field hazards.

11. Do not remove CO2 bottles from rental gear.

12. Smoking in designated areas only.

13. You may not bring Firearms, Alcohol, Drugs, or Foul Language onto property.

14. Do not leave markers in the direct sunlight.

15. Chronograph speed is below 300fps.

16. For rec play, electronic markers must be set at 13bps or less.

17. Do not enter the field of play before waiver is signed and orientation is complete.

18. Leave your bad attitude at home.