Acadiana Paintball Complex currently hosts 6 seperate playing fields. Each field is setup to provide its own unique style of play. We provide something for everyone, from the devoted tournament player to the scenario enthusiast.

Designed to provide a spectator friendly playing arena, Airball uses inflatable bunkers to create a mirrored field layout. Both sides get an equal playing field. Setup for quicker games, Airball provides fast turn arounds and plenty of game play. With its modular design, we are able to change the layout on a regular basis for a different experience each time you come out.

Hyperball is a staple of the "old school" days of paintball. The first official paintball tournaments were held on hyperball fields. Made from various sixed pieces of corrugated plastic tubes, this field is designed for fast paced, intense games. We continue to add and modify this field on a regular basis, so keep a look out for our upgrades on your next visit.

The same principle as our Airball field, our PSP field is made of inflatable bunkers. This field uses smaller bunker shapes and follows the Paintball Sports Promotion rules for size and bunker shapes. This is the current tournament standard for our sport, and we continue to add to this field to keep as current as possible.

This is all that is left of the tiny town of Turnerville, Louisiana after a terrible nuclear arms accident. Small strutures still stand as a reminder of this small township. This field is great for large groups and has the ability to play plenty of different games. One of our favorites involves extracting top secret intel from the field and returning safely to the extraction point.

The Firebase field is our popular army base stlye scenario field. There is a large base on one end of the field and a POW camp on the other. This field is partially wooded and plays great to some attack and deffend type games. We are always building up the areas of this field to make more challenging play.

This is our traditional woodsball field. Trees, brush, and a few natural bunkers make up this field. We have a limited number of trails throughout this field and some great shooting lanes. We are working to expand this field to a 20 acre scenario field in our near future.